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Lifes A Fairytale : Chapter 2 -- Tragedy Strikes

Freya was the pride and joy of the kingdom. Her parents spoiled her rotten, often keeping her in their room for safekeeping. She was a fussy baby who loved attention and being held, especially by her mother.
However, her mother never fully recovered from the birth and the physician soon came with bad news while Anne was napping.
"Your majesty, your wife is very sick. She was very vulnerable during the pregnancy. If anything were to harm her physical or mental state at this point, I fear you may lose her. You must take good care of her if you want her to survive to see Freya's early years."
Take good care of her Jarett did. He made sure that she had breakfast in bed every morning and got to see her daughter every day. He made sure she drank enough fluids and got enough exercise, and had her ladies help her with her bathroom and bathe. The months passed and there seemed to be no hope for Anne-- it was a sickness never seen in the kingdom. She grew thinner and more weak, but she kept a smile on for her husband and her only daughter.
During the nights as Freya and Anne slept, Jarett was in despair. He wept himself to sleep as he feared he may lose the mother of his child, the queen of his kingdom. As the year went by, Anne showed no progress of getting better, but she also did not show any progress of her getting better.
The health of Anne affected Jarett drastically. He no longer smiled to everyone he saw and he no longer invited all of his workers to eat with him. He went through the motions of living alone, politely answering people with the fewest words he could.
The only thing that made him smile was Freya. She had a lot of his features, like his narrowed eyebrows and high cheekbones with her mother's eyes and hair. Whenever he was with her, there was a twinkle in his eye.
But one day, tragedy struck. One of the Queen's ladies, Kate, called for the king and told him the bad news.
Jarett sunk to his knees, filled with remorse and pain as he touched his wife's cold, lifeless body. With everything that had happened the past few years, everyone knew that one more thing would push him into depression and insanity.
Everyone knew.

Lifes A Fairytale : Chapter 1 -- The Birth of a Child

Since the day of their marriage, Queen Anne and King Jarret were madly in love. Even five years later, their romance blossomed. Their wedding day was named "Valentines Day" and became an official holiday where the whole kingdom of Praavar would celebrate romance and love. They were the most lovestruck couple to rule the kingdom ever. Their romance was healthy and the kingdom prospered.
Anne had grown from a young, lovestruck teenager to a respectable young adult. She was now 27. She ruled the kingdom with kindness, always making sure her ladies were happy with their conditions and pay, complimenting all of her villagers and helping beggars get jobs and homes. Many of her servants were beggars that she had taken pity on.
The king made sure her ladies were in check, but had time to goof off. He made sure that all crimes committed in Praavan, which were rare, were punished correctly.
The kingdom was in balance and was nearly perfect, there was only one flaw.
After 5 years time, they were still unable to have a child. They feared that they would be unable to produce a heir to the throne. Finally, they decided to take a fertility treatment potion, in hopes that it would produce a child.
After many months of failed trying, all their wishes and dreams came true. 
Anne was with child! She had a beautiful healthy glow to her and was always smiling. Her happiness spread across the kingdom and it prospered like never before. The plants seemed to grow quicker, the people had more hop in their step and babies seemed to cry less. Jarret was a happy king, he had fallen in love with his soon to be child faster than he had with Anne.
"Our child is going to be beautiful," He said. "They will have the best life and I will make sure they will have the best life ever."
"Will we ever betroth them?" Anne asked, grinning. She knew the answer, for they had struggled once they had fallen in love with each other, they knew not knowing who you would be married to was torture. It was fate that they'd be together.
"Of course not!" Jarret said. "They will choose their lover."

However, even though Anne was overjoyed about her pregnancy -- not just her, the whole kingdom -- she was stressed and in pain. The kingdoms doctor has warned her that she was very weak and she had to keep herself in top shape or she may loose the baby and her life. She went back and forth from wherever she was to the nearest bush to vomit. She had uncontrollable bladder and the doctor had told them she would have to spend the last two weeks in bedrest.
To the end of Anne's pregnancy, Jarret stayed by her at all times. He ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with her in bed, catered to her every need and spent a lot of time talking about the future wellbeing of the kingdom and names for their child. Anne, however, slept a lot, which was a blessing for she was in less pain and stress in her sleep. For the past month he had her three most trusted ladies, Kate, Annmarie and Jeanette, help him furnish a room for his newcoming child.
"What do you think of the bedroom, your majesty?"
"It's amazing. Thank you, my ladies. I will add an increase to your pay. How does 10--"
He was cut off by a cry of pain and the four of them rushed off to check on Anne.
As he raced up the stairs, Jarret feared the worst. He might lose his wife! But when he came to the room he saw his wife grabbing on the blanket and her stomach, breathing quickly, her face flushed.
She howled in pain, unaware that Jarret was next to her.
She had been in labor for a few hours now, and she was getting ready to push. The pain shot through Anne's head. 
"Send for the physican!" Jarret called to the two ladies, before facing the red haired one, the most qualified one to give birth. "Help me take care of my wife," He pulled up a chair.
Anne cried, her legs going numb from the pain. "We need to push," Her lady said. "Get ready to see your baby!"
Anne nodded, managing a weak smile as her face flushed red. She grabbed her stomach and began to push. Her head was spinning and her sight was flashing. She was going to die, and she would possibly lose the baby. "I love you," She managed to say as she drifted into unconsciousness.
Only minutes after she drifted out of consciousness, Jarett's tears started to pour, but they stopped as he heard something so beautiful. A soft cry of a baby.
"It's a girl," Lady Annmarie said. The baby's hands were balled up in fists and Jarett couldn't help smile through his tears. He saw so much of Anne in her already, just by the way she determinedly balled up her fists as she cried.
Anne... he thought as he looked back to his wife. "Wake up," He said, his throat choking up. "Please wake up!"
As if she had heard him, her heavy eyelashes peered open and she heard a wailing child. "Is that... my baby?"
"Yes!" Jarett cried out, he was a happy man. He finally had what he wanted, a beautiful baby and better yet, his wife had survived. "What do you want to name her?"
Anne sat up, her body weak as she fell back down. Annmarie brought her to her mother and let her hold her.
"Can we name her Freya?" Anne asked quietly, as she stared down at the beautiful child that she had managed to keep alive. "Freya Constance?"
"Freya Constance Boleyn she will be, my love." Jarett said, kissing his wife and his daughter.

Lifes A Fairytale : Prologue

There was once a beautiful woman. She was a princess who had the tendency to daydream. She was the 2nd born to the kingdom's rulers. Her twin sister was to be queen, and she would be married off one day for an alliance. She hated the idea of being married to a man she would never meet, and would have a child with him while her sister would have a choice between kingdoms, but due to her good nature, she listened and never made a fuss, only daydreaming of how good her future husband may possibly be.
One day, she met a blonde haired man. He was the prince of the neighboring kingdom, Praaven. When she saw his face she was shocked, for she had heard her sister speaking of him many times.
"I would hate to be whoever was betrothed to him," Her sister had told her. "He's an ugly pig! He got the worst of both of his parents, sandy blonde hair and a big nose. And those eyebrows!"
She had laughed it off then, thinking her sister was just exaggerating but when she met the blonde man, it was true.
However, looks were never that important to her because of how she looked. She was never that beautiful, with a round face and big blue eyes that hid under her long black eyelashes, so just by his looks alone she connected with him. She approached him. His name was Prince Jarret, and soon she and the prince were best of friends after many weeks of sneaking off to talk.
Jarret always brought the princess gifts, like a blue stone the shade of her eyes molded by the ocean. They were never grand and beautiful but she treasured each and every one of them. But one day, he stopped coming to the lake where they had met and he returned with sad news.
"I am to be married soon." He said sadly. The Princess gasped.
"So am I," She admitted, tears in her eyes. She had hopelessly fallen in love with the blonde haired boy.
"Promise me one thing," The boy said, his eyes full of love for her.
"Yes?" She asked nervously as he grabbed her hand.
"I'll always be in your heart, because you'll always be in mine. And one day, whenever we're ready, we'll run away."
"I'm ready right now," She said, blinking her tears away. She was in love with him, and he was in love with her as well, but they could never be together.
"But I'm not. I love you, I always will. I'll see you one day." He said, kissing her deeply and passionately.
"Wait..." She begged as his lips no longer touched hers.
"What?" He asked.
"Is it still adultery if you're not married yet?" She asked. He gave a small grin to her, and his only reply was a deep kiss as they fell to the ground.

A few weeks later her heart was broken. Today was the day she would be married. But worse, it would be the day the man she had lost her heart to would be married. It would be years, possibly decades until they would be with each other. But when she entered the castle church, she saw something she never expected.
"Jarret..." She gasped, unable to breathe, unable to move. She stood there, an emotionless wreck before racing towards him. She was betrothed to him! Her true love! As they exchanged rings, she knew the truth. She was the luckiest princess in the world.
Many years later, however, her luck would not stay.

I'm back!!

Hello guys, I'm back! And with some good news,  I will be starting another Sims Series. The Kidnapped one may continue, but not in a while as I try to figure out how to switch save games from computers (I have gotten a new computer) but... a new, medieval themed story will begin! I hope you guys will enjoy it. :*

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Sorry for the inactivity!

Hey guys! I just want to say, sorry for the inactivity. I've been suffering from a sims block where I find myself unable to play and a writers block! :(
I'll be back writing as soon as I can. <3
Until then, have a (sims) wedding photo from... 2 years ago.

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Castaway -- Chapter 1 -- Stranded

The steady wave of the ocean pushed a young woman, only 27 years old, onto the shore. The hot, summer sun beat down on her face, taking her away from the unconscious world.
Idaho -- her name -- opened her chocolate eyes, blinking a few times. She smacked her lips, which were dry and salty. Soon she blur in her eyes disappeared and she looked around, shielding her face from the burning sunlight.
Slowly standing up, she tried to figure out where she was. It seemed like a tropical island, definitely not one she had learned about in college. It was lush, as if no man or woman had ever been here.
How did I even get here in the first place? The thought hit her, and she tried to recollect her thoughts. Though she couldn't remember completely, she did find key parts... an unexpected storm, the captain having a heart attack and falling into the ocean, unconscious.
She swallowed hard, remembering the scene of people frantically swimming in the ocean, many drowning. 
She decided to get moving, adventuring the lush island she was now stranded on. It was beautiful, that was true. But she knew that the beauty of the island might be dangerous, especially with all the trees. Who knew what night would bring? 

In front of Idaho was a beautiful bright blue river, with a large waterfall and full of fish. The water seemed to glow and, though her head was spinning, Idaho felt at peace right next to the river.
"I think I've found my new home!"

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Kidnapped: Sabrina's Story -- Chapter 6 -- The Escape

Sabrina had came up with a plan, which she put into action immediately. She spent a while listening closely for the times Robbie would leave. It wasn't often, so she waited for the cover of darkness, when the television would turn off and the house would be quiet.
Opening was the harder part, for Robbie made sure to lock the door since the incident. But soon she had managed to open the door.
For a moment she paused. She could die. But if she didn't do this, the chance of her dying was higher, and once she was killed, Robbie would find another person to take her place as his slave. She shook her head. Once she was free, he'd be arrested. Locked away forever, being unable to hurt anyone ever again.
She'd be a hero.
She walked down the hallway, stumbling. She was still weak, it had been half a year since she had last exercised. She placed her hand on the doorknob and took a deep breath.
She was about to be free.
She had no idea what she would do once she stepped out of the house, and returned to civilization, but she had to leave. The man who kidnapped her was evil. He would never live another day without being hunted by the police.
But first, she had to stepped out and savor her freedom.
She turned the doorknob, when a loud beep went off and red lights started flashing. She pulled back, terrified, before putting her hand back on the doorknob and desperately trying to open the door. It was locked. Fuck!
"You bitch," Robbie's sly, angry voice was heard behind Sabrina. "You thought escaping would be that easy, huh? I heard you say shit back there, talking to yourself. I'm going to do what I should've done a while ago." Sabrina's eyes went down to Robbie's left hand, which held a gun.
She stood still as Robbie stood there, gun in his hands. Not now... she was so close! She couldn't die now... she wouldn't let it.
She screamed in rage, the same scream her father had done before he was killed, and began running to Robbie.

Racing outside, she could see the lights of a nearby shop. Running as fast as her weak body could carry her, she raced through the forest. Robbie was right on her feet, but she was there.
She slammed open the door of the shop, her heart pounding.
She raced into the room, her vision blurring from her lack of physical energy. She collapsed onto the floor, her head spinning. With the last of her energy she opened her mouth and said,
 "I'm Sabrina Myers, I'm 15 years old and I'm alive, I'm free. Please help me..."
Then, she passed out.